Amazon ADX

Amazon ADX (Advertising, Design, and Experience) is an in-house agency that works with brands to create custom, first-of-their-kind campaigns that leverage Amazon properties, including Prime Video, Prime delivery, Alexa, Treasure Trucks, retail, and more. My role was to:

  • Build relationships with non-marketing teams within Amazon and coordinate with them to create custom campaigns 
  • Concept, write, and pitch campaigns to brand clients, and provide creative leadership and writing on execution
  • Act as a sort of Amazon translator for brands, helping them understand how to bring their campaigns to life and work within the (many) Amazon parameters and guidelines.

I have worked on a ton of projects across all verticals, including Entertainment, FinServ, Auto, and CPG. Here are just a few wins.

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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Early Prime Screening

We introduced a brand new Prime member benefit, offering early in-theater screenings of the new Jumanji film. We created a promotional video wth the cast, which ran on the Amazon home page (a first!) and additionally promoted the event through PR, media placements, and Dwayne Johnson's tweets. One showing in 100 theaters across the country earned $2MM. Demand from other studios was so high that we have repeated it with a number of other films. I provided writing and creative direction.

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Sharp Objects Premiere Campaign

HBO wanted to promote their new limited series adapted from the novel by Gillian Flynn. Since we do books AND TV on Amazon, we proposed leveraging Amazon's trusted customer reviews of the book to build excitement for the series. First we would scrape Amazon and Goodreads reviews of the novel to find the most commonly used words, e.g. "eerie" and "suspenseful", and use reviews with those sentiments to promote the show. Once the series launched, we switched out reviews of the novel with reviews of the show from Amazon and IMDb, and featured a ticker of incoming reviews. 


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Hyundai Digital Showroom

OEMs have long been looking for ways to leverage Amazon to drive awareness and sales. In partnership with Hyundai, whose latest models have built-in Alexa functionality, and the Vehicles team, we launched the first-ever digital showroom on Amazon. Here, visitors could explore the Alexa skill, Hyundai's entire lineup, customer programs, and ultimately find a dealer. 

Media coverage of this new showroom was swift and helped drive over 12K page views, 30K clicks, and 33 seconds average dwell time spent. We're currently scaling this offering to other brands in the auto industry and beyond.

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Chase + Amazon Money Matters for New Parents

Chase wanted to show how they can help new parents make the most
of their money. We pitched the idea of bringing together Chase tools and products with relevant Amazon services in a single resource. Many of these Amazon products and services can be hard to find on the platform and are not aggregated contextually, and we saw an opportunity to change that. I developed three tabs of content based on the different stages of early parenthood: Planning for baby, budgeting, and planning for the future. Within each tab, I wrote "baby steps" for parents to follow, each of which included Chase tools and content, and Amazon products and services. So far, the initiative has already exceeded targeted landing page views and engagement. Check it out >