Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I got into copywriting the
old-fashioned way: on accident. I'd graduated college with
a highly impractical Art History degree and was working
towards a career in curatorial work. While looking for a
paycheck in between internships, I took a gig as an
assistant at a tiny Milwaukee agency that did radio and
TV spots for a local technical college and a used car lot.

Obviously, I fell in love. 

Fueled by my newfound obsession with late nights,
unreasonable deadlines and trail mix for dinner, I moved
to the Bay Area in 2001 and got an entry-level job as a
marketing writer for a company that placed travel nurses.
Then I elbowed my way into agency-land with a portfolio
full of travel nurse newsletters and a lot of hubris. 

Over the last 10 years, I've worked my way up from
newsletters to digital to experiential to 360-degree ad
campaigns. I've written, ideated, and overseen creative for
brands across a spectrum of industries. And I get just as
excited about each of them as I once did about a used car lot. 

When I'm not pulling myself up by my bootstraps, I'm planning
my next mountain trek or climb, painting with watercolor (the
wrong way, I'm told), and pondering whether my ancestors
really had a gang